Splatterpunk Zine 2 – OUT NOW!

Issue 2Issue 2 of Splatterpunk Zine is out now. New fiction from: JEFF STRAND, RONALD MALFI, BARRY HOFFMAN and SHANE MCKENZIE. Illustrations by: GLENN CHADBOURNE, DAN HENK, ADAM HALL and GRAHAM TAYLOR. An interview with horror legend RAY GARTON. Non-fiction by JACK BANTRY, WAYNE SIMMONS and MARK SIEBER. See ordering info…

About jackbantry

Jack Bantry is the editor of Splatterpunk Zine. He works as a postman and resides in a small town at the edge of the North York Moors.
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3 Responses to Splatterpunk Zine 2 – OUT NOW!

  1. JoeyJordan says:

    Most Excellent!

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