Bound by Andrew Lennon & Matt Hickman (Book Review)

Bound – Andrew Lennon & Matt Hickman

As you settle in and read Bound you should know that this isn’t your typical horror novel. At times it feels like it, but it’s a thriller with teeth that could bite you if you’re not careful. This is one of those novels that you begin reading and just can’t stop. It’s like crack in book form. What I loved about this was the attention to detail and character development. You have two sides to cheer for. The Investigators looking for a killer or a killer who is sadistic and unlike any you have seen in a thriller. Those moments when he graces the pages have you riveted due to the brutality. It’s a story we’ve read before. Andrew and Matt know this, but what they’ve done is given us something unexpected. It’s the little surprises that make this so damn good.

In a genre like this there isn’t a lot of wiggle room. The key is to give the readers something they haven’t seen before and Bound certainly does that. Some of the characters follow the typical pattern of what you see in a thriller, but Lennon and Hickman also know that in order to keep readers glued to the pages you have to give them something new. The big question is who is the killer? Usually in these types of books you can tell who it is within the first few pages, but here? You have no clue. The how and why doesn’t factor in until the end and that is where these guys really shine. The ending isn’t something you see coming. In a typical thriller everything is sewn up nicely and everyone lives to fight another day. Not the case here.

Bound is a novel that takes everything you think you know about thrillers and promptly changes the rules. This is exactly the kind of thriller you would read if you weren’t so accustomed to paint by numbers fiction. For horror fans this is a must read not because of the genre but because of the writers. These are writers who are taking risks and trying something different and it works. From start to finish Bound is a fascinating read that pulls you in and keeps you guessing. You get two view points and they work because you get two sides of the story. You get the investigators, and then you get the killer’s. It’s a style that James Patterson has used quite often, but Patterson has never written something this brutal. Bound is truly one of those novels that will no doubt end up in those “End of the Year Best of Lists”. (Michael Noe)

Bound cover


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