Sow by Tim Curran (Book Review)

Sow by Tim Curran (DarkFuse)

What would you do if the person closest to you began changing into something unfathomable, something sick, twisted, grotesque? What if that person was your pregnant wife?

Richard found out that his wife Holly was pregnant and he couldn’t be more excited. They were finally going to have a family, the house, white picket fence, the American Dream. But then things changed. Holly changed. At first it’s subtle, a mere annoyance, but soon Richard finds himself battling not only for his life, but the life of his unborn child…or is Holly even bearing a human baby? She seems to have been dabbling in something dark, something so unlike any of her normal interests.

Richard tries to get help, but the evil that has invaded his wife has help of its own. And it’s powerful. Once he finds out the truth, will Richard have what it takes to defeat the sow?

Tim Curran has a way of slinging words to create grotesque imagery that makes you cringe and yet you find yourself absorbed, frantically turning the pages to see what kind of gruesome avenues he takes you down. SOW is a quick and thoroughly enjoyable read. This is eye-popping madness, paranoia realized, body horror most foul. Curran takes what should be the one of the happiest times in someone’s life and turns it on its head. Being a father, I could certainly relate to a horror story revolving around a pregnancy in disaster, but really this is a story for anyone who craves a good, creepy yarn. If you’re a Curran fan and you haven’t read this one, you’d better rectify that. If you haven’t read Curran yet (what?), this is just as good a place as any to start as any. Think Rosemary’s Baby dunked in a bathtub full of acid and you begin to touch on the madness that is SOW. (Robert Essig)

Sow cover


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