The Final Cut by Jasper Bark (Book Review)

THE FINAL CUT by Jasper Bark (Crystal Lake Publishing)

Jasper Bark knows about the pain a creative person puts into their work in order to see it come to life; the blood, sweat, and tears that an artist mashes together and vomits onto the canvas of their choice in an effort create their creative masterpiece.  He knows that artists are voyeurs, constantly watching the world in an attempt to make some sort of sense of the madness they witness so they can use it for fuel for their art. THE FINAL CUT is a dark glimpse into the extremes that some artists are willing to go in order to see their art become a reality.

When film student wannabes, Jimmy and Sam, find footage of a snuff film that contains footage they are hoping to use in the horror film they are making in order to save money on special effects. They have already, miraculously, survived an intense meeting with their producer over the money he had invested and they are desperate to finish the film while underestimating the cost that the footage will have on their souls as they become obsessed with the gore and the girl whose bloody endings are forever evolving with every repeated viewing.

As the filmmaker’s lives become crazier, so does the snuff film’s power.  Before they can finish the film they are trying to make, they will have to make sure the poor girl caught in the endless loop of torture and madness on the snuff film has an ending to her story.  Jimmy will have to open his mind to ancient rituals and powers and powerful dark arts if he is to save the girl he is obsessed with from the worst kind of film… a film with no ending.

Jasper’s usual gore soaked insanity fills the pages of this brilliant look into the pains of modern film making.  His writing is vulgar, humorous, and full of enough blood splatter to force the reader to treat his books like a Gallagher fan with front row seats. There is a lot to do when a film is on the editing room floor before it gets to a red carpet premiere, and Jasper unrolls a very different kind of red carpet, so wear galoshes.

No character is safe in Jasper’s worlds, no situation is normal, and nothing should ever be assumed when reading something by this author. THE FINAL CUT is a dark, gritty, gore soaked, horrific noir-infused pulp throwback with all the modern goodies to fulfill any horror fan’s taste.  Unless, of course, that horror fan is easily offended by torture, gore, demonic tailors, or character with man buns.

You have been warned. (Cory Cline)

the final cut


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