CRAWLERS by Ray Garton (Book Review)

CRAWLERS by Ray Garton (RGB Publishing)

Ray Garton returns to Mt. Crag in this sci-fi fused horror novella that will make you think twice the next time you have to buy flowers for your wife.  Garton’s return to the sleepy mountainside town from his Folks series will warm the cockles of many of his readers, unfortunately, what he does to the town later will chill those cockles before they get a chance to get too comfy.

It all starts with a meteor shower… and just like that, there are flowers everywhere; strange alien flowers that no one has ever seen before and they are growing everywhere. When people start picking them, putting them in pots, and bringing them inside, it doesn’t take long for them to realize that these flowers are not as pretty as they look.

Garton has a knack for building suspense and character in few words. The people of Mt. Crag are a full cast of multidimensional, eclectic people learning about the plants at the same pace as the reader until Garton switches gears once the brakes are cut and reveals some of the cards he’s playing with. You may find yourself yelling at his characters to watch out as the dangers they are about to face begin to unfold.  His ability to create an entire cast full of independently unique characters so quickly only forces the horrors to shroud over the canvas of his outlandish premise.

CRAWLERS will make readers yearn for those cheesy B-movies from the fifties and it’s obvious that Garton is a big fan of those corny old movies where something strange attacks a town in the middle of nowhere. As characters fall victim to the invasion and others are trying to find loved ones and escape, Garton’s poker face never flinches and his take no prisoners approach to the art of entertainment will guarantee that readers haven’t been this shocked since the ending of Stephen King’s, THE MIST.

Ray Garton didn’t get this far in his career by pulling his punches and CRAWLERS is a knockout for fans of horror, sci-fi, creature features, and Gardening Monthly. If you don’t have a green thumb, this book will definitely not inspire you to get one after reading – In fact… You may want to load up on some weed killer. (Cory Cline)


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Jack Bantry is the editor of Splatterpunk Zine. He works as a postman and resides in a small town at the edge of the North York Moors.
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