STRANDED by Bracken MacLeod (Book Review)

STRANDED by Bracken MacLeod (Tor Books)

Wow, what can I say about Bracken MacLeod? He’s a writer rapidly rising to the top of the game. With his debut MOUNTAIN HOME Bracken established himself within the genre, now with STRANDED he has crested the peak. STRANDED is an accomplished novel about a crew of Maritimers delivering cargo to an offshore rig in the Arctic. Bracken sets the scene and things take a turn for the worse when they pass through a wicked storm, leaving the ship lost in a bank of fog, with all instruments and communication unresponsive. STRANDED has a sinister feel, not just the situation the crew of the Arctic Promise find themselves in, but also the animosity aimed at the main character, Noah Cabot, by certain members of the crew. As you read the book you quickly start asking yourself questions. What has caused the electrical failures on the ship, what was causing the mysterious illness and, as the crew realise the ship was stuck in the ice, how would they deal with the situation? You sense that things could get a bit crazy. Even if they someone managed to get free from the ice would Cabot escape the deadly intentions of his crew mates? And then there’s that strange shape stuck in the ice! STRANDED is a beautiful novel, exceptionally written. The future is bright for Bracken MacLeod. Buy his books and follow his journey. You won’t be disappointed. (Jack Bantry)


About jackbantry

Jack Bantry is the editor of Splatterpunk Zine. He works as a postman and resides in a small town at the edge of the North York Moors.
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