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NEW: Splatterpunk Zine – Issue#8
Fiction by Bracken MacLeod, Ryan C Thomas, Nathan Robinson and Gabino Iglasias. Illustrations by Dan Henk, Jim Agpalza, Robert Elrod and Christopher Enterline. Non-Fiction by Sean Leonard. Interviews with David Agranoff and Ray Garton.

ATROCIOUS MADNESS by Nathan Robinson & Jack Bantry.
Limited edition chapbook containing 3 previously published stories: SQUASH by Nathan Robinson & Jack Bantry (from Splatterpunk 3); KEEPSAFE (Bantry’s first published story, published by The Horror Zine); and WEATHER GIRL by Nathan Robinson (originally published in the Nailed: An Eroticism Death Anthology). Limited to 100 signed copies, with cover art by Nick Gucker.

Jack Bantry / Nathan Robinson – split chapbook
Features two exclusive stories – “The Good and the Bad” by Jack Bantry and “Run For Your Life Nick McClusky” by Nathan Robinson. The chapbook is limited to 100 signed copies with full colour cover art by Dan Henk.
£3.50 postage paid in the UK; £5.50 Rest of the World.

Splatterpunk – Issue 7 – SOLD OUT

Splatterpunk – Issue 6 – SOLD OUT

Splatterpunk – Issue 5 – SOLD OUT

Splatterpunk – Issue 4 – SOLD OUT

Splatterpunk – Issue 3 – SOLD OUT

Splatterpunk – Issue 2 – SOLD OUT

Splatterpunk – Issue 1 – SOLD OUT

CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED by Dan Henk – Limited edition chapbook – SOLD OUT

INTERLOPER by Barry Hoffman – limited edition chapbook – SOLD OUT

Scurvy Ink have done an awesome hand screenprinted Splatterpunk shirt. You can get your Splatterpunk shirt at: http://skurvyink.com/splatterpunk-shirt/
They do a great range of horror and bizarro t-shirts and hoodies.

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  3. jack bantry says:

    Is anyone having trouble ordering through BIG CARTEL? Please reply and let me know…

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  5. Pegleg says:

    How can I subscribe to your zine?

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